May Tango Festivalito

Freiburg, 5-7 May, 2017


Marko and Maja

We are happy to host Marko and Maja. 

Not only their showdance appeal to eyes and ears, but also they are amazing teachers. Their disciplined study will challenge you with new ideas. They go deep into musicality and bodywork to perfect your technique and your ears. Marko and Maja are attentive, professional and friendly in their classes. Ideally a serious student of tango should not miss any of the WSs they offer.


 May 5, Friday (17:30)

17:30 (AL) Walking and/in the close embrace / Walk (and hug) this way (90 mins)

19:00 (I/A) Circular movements around common axis / No, it ́s not a colgada. Nor a volcada. (90 mins)

May 6, Saturday (13:00)

13:00 (AL) Couples Technique 2 – Rolling close embrace (90mins)

14:45 (AL) Changing the dynamics / Phrasing and pausing (90mins)

16:15 (AL) Vals / Ram-pam-pam pam! (90mins)

May 7, Sunday (14:00) 

14:00 (A) Small repetitive rebounds / Fun tiny steps for all occasions (90mins)

15:45 (AL) Milonga Lisa vs. Milonga con Traspié  (90mins)

General information:

  • Workshop levels: All Levels (AL), Intermediate/Advanced (I/A) and Advanced (A).
  • For All Levels classes we invite all of you with at least one year tango experience. No workshops are suited for complete beginners.
  • The number of participants is limited!
  • Maja and Marco speak English, German, Spanish and Italian – classes will be held in English.


May 5, Friday Milonga  (15 euro/10 euro), 
21:30-2:00 DJ Facundo Almeyra 
May 6, Saturday Milonga with show of Marko and Maja (25 euro/15 euro),
21:30-3:00 DJ Elisa Holland
May 7, Sunday Milonga (10 euro/5 euro),
19:00-0:00 DJ Theo Sevdas

Milonga Pass: 45 euro/ 25 euro (st)


Single WS price:  30 euro normal / 20 euro (student) 

Early bird discount on packages MP3, MP4, AMP (until March 1 ): 10 euro less / 5 euro less

May Pass (only with a partner *) 

Mp3: 125 euro / 80 euro   :  3 WSs + milonga pass 

Mp4: 145 euro / 95 euro   : 4 WSs + milonga pass

All May Pass *** (only with partner) 

Amp: 180 euro / 120 euro :  6 WSs + milonga pass 

Pass prices are per person NOT per couple. 

  • *only with a partner means that you need to arrange your partner(s) for all of your WSs. 
  • **  The number of participants is limited ! 
  • *** We have only 6 Amp (full pass) for students ! First come first served. 

Note: Full pass includes 6WSs instead of 7WSs, because we recommend  2 WSs per day for your convenience. 

Milonga Pass: 45 euro/ 25 euro (st)