Tango Classes with Taşkın Deniz


 Coming soon… Special weekly classes with  

Taşkın Deniz

on Tuesdays.  

“I am a tango dancer, DJ and organizer. I had been teaching tango in Kehl and Freiburg in last 5 years. I worked as a DJ in internaltional encuentros/marathons and festivals. I travelled to many countries just to dance tango and have fun. 🙂

I believe tango is a social dance. In my classes I will teach all you need to enjoy dancing socially at milongas. In tango it is crucial to connect to your partner and other couples on the dance floor. I enjoy moments when the whole floor moves in unity and harmony. Keeping this in mind floor-craft and invitation will be part of our classes. Moreover, I will transmit you my love of tango music: its special structure, nostalgic mood and endless possibilities it suggest.”


1 drop-in class :      15 Euro

7 classes, 1 group :    85 Euro 

14 classes, 2 groups :  150 Euro

Student price:   1 Class 70 euro / 2 Classes 130 euro 

Class Dates (7 Tuesdays)  10/10/2017 on ….

The Venue

Saltango : Salsa – Kizomba – Tango dance school Freiburg


Beginners: Social Tango, Embrace and Walking. 


Intermediate/Advanced: Musicality, Embrace and Dynamics

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