Festivalito La Lluvia de Abril



Fausto and Stephanie

We are absolutely thrilled to host Fausto and Stephanie. 

You can ask any tanguero ‘who are the coolest tango couples in the world?’. The list will be short and they will be in it.

Fausto and Stephanie are creative and fun tango performers, besides being excellent  teachers. Their technique combined with dynamic interpretation of music is truly eye-catching.  At their classes they go into  basics of bodywork and musicality to help you grow. These two gems are friendly, attentive and approachable teachers.



Venue : Hinterkirchstraße 21, 79108 Freiburg Germany

 April 27, Friday (17:00)

17:00 (AL)  Embrace forms, structure and their elasticity

18:30 (I/A)  Simple Milonguero Turns

 April 28, Saturday (14:00)

14:00 (I/ARhythmic combinations for Vals 

15:30 (I/ARhythmic combinations for Milonga

 April 29, Sunday (14:00) 

14:00 (I/A)  Musicality I : Change of dynamics, pauses, lead and interpretation

15:30 (I/A)  Musicality II : How to recognize and interpret musical structures in tango, between rhythm, melody and pauses.

General information:

  • WSs are ~ 90 minutes each.
  • Workshop levels: All Levels (AL), Intermediate/Advanced (I/A) and Advanced (A).
  • For All Levels classes, we invite all of you with at least one-year tango experience. No workshops are suited for complete beginners.
  • The number of participants is limited to 13 couples!
  • Fausto and Stephanie speak Italian, English, French, and Spanish– classes will be held in English.



April 27, Friday Milonga , 
22:00-2:30 DJ  Theo Sevdas
April 28, Saturday Afternoon Milonga,
14:00-19:00 DJ Juliana  Thutlwa
April 28, Saturday Milonga with show of Fausto and Stephanie,
22:00-3:30 DJ Elisa Holland
 April 29, Sunday Evening Milonga,
19:00-0:00 DJ Jörg Mattes
0:00 +++ Informal After-party with DJ Taskin Deniz
+++ Informal  After-party: Festivalito is officially over at midnight but…we can still dance a little more. 😉




Single WS price:  30 euro normal / 22 euro (student) 

Early bird discount on packages A3, A4, AA (until March 1): 10 euro less / 5 euro less

April Passes (only with a partner *) 

A3: 150 euro / 100 euro   :  3 WSs + milonga pass 

A4: 170 euro / 115 euro  : 4 WSs + milonga pass

A5: 190 euro / 130 euro  : 5 WSs + milonga pass

AA: 210 euro / 150 euro  :  6 WSs + milonga pass 

Pass prices are per person NOT per couple. 

  • *only with a partner. This means that you need to arrange your partner(s) for all of your WSs. 
  • **  The number of participants is limited! 
  • *** We have only 4 AA (full pass) for students! First come first served. 

Milonga Pass: 75 euro / 50 euro (reduced)



Closest (Walking distance):

Super 8 Hotel  (10mins)
Address: Zita-Kaiser-Straße 34, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

Hilton Hotel (10mins)
Address: Zita-Kaiser-Straße 32, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

Family Apartments (12mins)
Address: Waldkircher Str. 17, 79106 Freiburg im Breisgau

Budget Option:

Black forest Hostel (15-20 mins take trams 1-and-4)
AddressKartäuserstraße 33, 79102 Freiburg im Breisgau
Note: Close to afternoon milonga.

Private Accommodation :
We set a Facebook event to offer/search for accommodation: