Freiburg Social Tango Bootcamp

29 September-1 October 2017

== SEMINARs: (Salzstr. 33-Tango Studio) ===
Saturday 1pm-4pm Technique & social tango (info below)
Sunday 2pm-5pm Musicality & social tango (info below)

== Price and Conditions ===

1 seminar 40 euro.
2 seminars 70 euro.

* Only 8 couples will be accepted.
** %20 Student reduction.

=== Workshop INFO ===
It is not uncommon to hear, especially from leaders, the statement that small space limits the dance expression. We do not agree with this statement. We like dancing on both large and small spaces and argue that dancing on a small space can actually boost creativity, of both leaders and followers. The workshops will focus on dancing on a small space, but we emphasize that skills gained will be directly transferable to dancing on large space. Furthermore, although the small space is usually considered to be the leader’s problem, we believe this is not the case and will offer just as much advice for the followers as for the leaders.

In **Technique & social tango** we will show how mastering the technique can help the navigation on a crowded dance floor. We will look into issues such as completely free improvisation, reversing and mirroring sequences, breaking of both leader’s and follower’s patterns, follower’s feedback and safe decorations.

In **Musicality & social tango** we will be remembering the many ways in which the music can inspire us. We will investigate phrasing, musical layers, rhythmical patterns and energy levels. Our goal is to use no filler steps in our dance: we want to make every step count.

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